Amethyst crystals are a new block added in the latest update on Minecraft Pocket edition. To everyone’s surprise this new addition has lead to one of the rarest mined blocks ever seen on Minecraft. This article will help you understand what Amethyst Crystal looks like and how to find them on your world if you are lucky enough to stumble across one.

Amethyst crystals are found very deep underground in the overworld. The deeper you mine the more likely you are to find one of these rare blocks so once you have found one there is a high chance others will spawn nearby. That being said, if your world has already been mined deep and thoroughly by other players you may never come across any Amethyst Crystals.

What is Minecraft Amethyst Crystal Block

They look like this: They are not very big compared to most blocks, but they do take up a full block’s space. When mined using anything except your fist (pickaxe), it will give you 1 amethyst. If mined with the fist (strength I diamond sword at level 1) then it will yield 3 amethyst crystals. It’s a good idea to use a diamond sword if you plan on mining these blocks as it will yield 3 times the amount of amethyst crystals.

For those wondering, Amethyst is an item from the Minecraft Ore Dictionary meaning it can be used to make tools and armor. It’s not very durable but it’s better than nothing. There is nothing to use Amethyst for, so it cannot be traded or used as a building material.

How to grow amethyst crystals

Growing Amethyst crystals is the act of stacking two amethysts together. If you do this enough times it will eventually form a full block. The only problem with growing them is that it takes so long to build even one full block. That being said, if you have many players working together on a server where everyone knows what they are doing, it would only take a few seconds to grow one of these blocks.

How to find an Amethyst Crystal in Minecraft

This is the interesting part that most people are asking.Finding an Amethyst Crystal in Minecraft is not easy or likely at all. This is because every time you break one of these blocks it tends to spawn another very deep underground. So if there happen to be any near your initial find, go ahead and mine it otherwise they have a high spawn rate.

If you happen to find one, tell your friends and explore the area around it. This is because once minecraft update comes out and these blocks spawn naturally they will be hard to come by again after all the diamonds and gold have been mined up.

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Uses for an Amethyst Crystal in Minecraft

Amethyst can be used to make amethyst tools and armor. Amethyst tools are not very durable but it’s better than nothing. If you use 4 or 5 amethysts on a tool or weapon, it becomes equal to diamond in terms of durability. It is used as a decoration for other blocks because of its shiny appearance and uniqueness to the game.


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